It's all about family.


He is the artist of the family! Gio is the guarantor of the architectural concept and the special atmosphere that you will find in our restaurants. With Gio, you’ll be transported to a Calabrian trattoria before you even walk in the door!


Rosina plays is the cornerstone of the project. Her passion for Italian culture and cuisine, the love she has for her brothers have set the foundations for what IT has become. Rosina has two jobs, Finance and Administraiton, as well as tasting and endorsing Renato's recipes !


Renato is the man behind all the recipes that you can taste in our restaurants. He is inspired by the family recipes he and Gio grew up with, but also by the many encounters they had during their travels, in their family’s Calabria or the neighboring southern regions.

Our products, coming directly from Italy

Our family has traveled a lot, we have cousins on all continents! However, it is in Calabria that we really feel at home, that we come to recharge our batteries and find inspiration. Thanks to our uncle, an olive grower, we met the first producers who still provide us with our raw materials today.

I Nostri Produttori

All our recipes and products are italians, inspired by our Calabrian origins and memories from our childhood.

Savino's Olives

Meet Savino, the youngest of the Muraglia family. Their olive trees grow on an exceptional land, on the Murgia plateau, one of the highest points in the region. The family produces extra virgin olive oil since five generations. And much longer than olive trees populate these lands: the patriarch of their cultivation is 450 years old!

Paolo's Mozzarella

Paolo grew up surrounded by buffalos. His cattle is raised in open range and grass-fed.

Marco's Tomatoes

We present to you Marco Arestia and his family. They produce cherry tomatoes in a village in the province of Ragusa in Sicily.
in casa

The Cucina,

the very heart of our concept

La Cucina is the heart of the restaurant. This is where we prepare fresh pasta and pizza dough every morning, but also where we make all the desserts you find in the window. We have placed this space at the heart of the restaurant, visible to everyone, all day long. If you come at the right time, you will see us do everything before your eyes!

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